What is this about?

It's a book about Him.
It's a book about thinking differently.
It's a book about creativity.
It's a book about hope.
It's a book about His purpose.

Think on This:

If time didn't play a role in your life, what would you do? What would you gain? What would you discover?

Before you can ever answer these questions, you must first know your purpose.
And before you can know your purpose, you must first believe, “Yes! He Uses All”

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1 His Purpose

2 Beezle Bobby

3 The book of Job

4 Perish Poverty

5 Why Psalm 23

6 Lead or Follow

7 Can't Take the Wheel

8 Forcefully Violent

9 One-Offs

10 31 Flavors

11 contexting

12 My Story

13 Then vs Now

14 He said

The book in numbers






• I was born in Shreveport, La., and raised all over Texas
• I'm joyfully married (1997). I have one son (Braylon) & one daughter (Angel)
• I thought about going to Washington State University but I ended up going to Washington County
• I've discovered multiple hidden treasures over the last ten years
• I like vacuum lines in the carpet
• I once drove a Judge to prison
• I'm fascinated with seeds
• I absolutely love Sushi

Ricky Russ Jr



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